A deposit of 30 % the total rental amount will be charged by VS Autonoleggio s.r.l. at the moment of the booking confirmation. The remaining amount will be charged 24 hour prior to the rental start.



Security Guarantee amount represents maximum Client’s Deductible in a case of Loss, Theft or Damage of the car. The chosen deductible amount (We offer 3 options: CA1, CA2, CA3) will be withheld on Clients credit card(s) 24 hours prior the rental start and will be released back immediately after car return, if the car is exactly in the same state as it was at the rental start.


By signing these General Terms and Conditions (the “General Conditions”) and the Contract on the front page (the “Contract”), the parties, as herein identified, stipulates a Contract for car hiring that will be regulated in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

1.1 The Customer is the unique person entitled to drive the vehicle rented by VS Auto Noleggio S.r.l. (“VS Auto Noleggio” or “Owner”), unless otherwise agreed between the parties. The name of any other person who will be entitled to drive the vehicle, in addition to the Customer, shall be indicated in writing in the space reserved for it in the Contract. The Customer shall bear all administrative costs, including those provided by the art. 116, paragraph 12 of the Traffic Code (D.L. 285/1992) relating to the entrusting of the car to a person without a driving license. For each subject that, in addition to the Customer, will be authorized to drive the car, will be charged an additional EUR 50,00 (fifty euros).

1.2 Each driver must submit his/her driving license (category B license, not expired) valid for Italy and for the Countries in which he/she’ll be entitled to use the car hired (according to art. 9.1 letter. j), and he/she must be in possession of a driving license issued at least 12 months before, or rather for the minimum period required by law or local regulations for driving the car subject of rental. Driving licenses in non-Latin characters must be accompanied by an international driving license.

1.3 The minimum age for rental is 23 or 25 years, depending on the category of the car for rental and according to what indicated in the factsheet of each car (the "Factsheet"). If the Customer and / or the driver doesn’t have the minimum age specified in the Factsheet form for the category of car rental request, VS Auto Noleggio S.r.l. reserves itself the right to refuse the car hiring, or authorize the rental increasing the relief provided for in art. 2.2, by applying a daily supplement of Euro 100, 00 (one hundred euros).

1.4 The rental must be paid with the major financial credit cards, if accepted by the Owner, and should be valid and authorized by the issuer.

1.5 Upon the delivery of the vehicle, the Customer will pay to VS Auto Noleggio an amount equal to the estimated total considered for the lease plus, to guarantee the obligations imposed to the Customer under the Contract and / or the General Conditions, a cautionary deposit as indicated in the Factsheet for the category of car rented, without prejudice of the provisions, as by the following Article 2.2, with reference to franchise. The cautionary deposit could also be paid by credit card, after obtaining the proper authorization of payment. The Factsheet forms indicate the number of cards required to authorize the rental.

2.1 The rented car is covered by the following insurance warranties, included in the rental price:

 * RCA (Car Liability) for damage caused to third parties;

 * Fire, Theft and Car Assistance.

The Customer agrees, for all legal and Contractual obligations, that the car rented is not covered by insurance for risks such as, but not limited to, vandalism, car glasses, atmospheric events, injuries to the car driver and fully comprehensive risks policy. The Customer agrees to exempt VS Auto Noleggio from any action of recourse exercised by the insurance company on behalf of the assumptions contained in the countersigned insurance policies.

2.2 Regardless of any compensation paid to VS Auto Noleggio by the insurance companies, in case of damage, fire, theft or other damage to the rented car, the Customer will be liable with VS Auto Noleggio up to the amount of the franchise ("Franchise") agreed by this Contract, in accordance with what provided by this Article, being understood that this amount will be also due to the Owner as a penalty, without prejudice to compensation for further damage.

Franchise in case of fire, theft, collision, harms or other damages to the car. The Customer is responsible for any damage present in the vehicle when returning it, and which have not been previously set in the form devoted to Car Check at the moment of the delivery of the vehicle and the signature of this Agreement. In case of damage to the vehicle rented, will be charged to the Customer an amount equal to the actual importance of the damage, as quantified by a commissioner of VS Auto Noleggio, and that the Customer irrevocably agrees to accept, up to the maximum allowance specified in the Contract. In case of total destruction or loss for fire or theft, this must be reported immediately (in writing and no later than 6 hours) to VS Auto Noleggio S.r.l., the Customer will be charged with the amount for full indemnification, as specified in the Contract.

Clause limiting liability under the Franchise. By signing a clause limiting liability, reported in the space of the sub Contract [●], the Customer will be responsible for damage, theft, fire or other harms to the car, up to the amount of the reduced Franchise therein ([CA1 , CA2, CA3]), against the payment of the additional charge indicated therein. Aren’t cases for limitation of liability:

i.  damages caused intentionally and / or careless and / or neglect and / or fault of the Customer, authorized driver or third parties;

ii. damage to upholstery, roof, and all costs resulting from refueling with fuel other than that indicated for the vehicle rented, and for repairs performed directly by the Customer without the express, and by writing, consent given by VS Auto Noleggio, or by the car circulation even in presence of failures or breakdown;

iii. any other harm or damage, fire and theft, for which there is no insurance coverage as provided by the art. 2.1, or the insurance coverage does not operate because the provisions of the relevant policies, and the damage suffered by VS Auto Noleggio exceeds the Franchise;

iv. in any other case where, under the provisions of the Contract and / or the General Conditions, the Customer is obliged to pay for penalties or other amounts, regardless the value settled as Franchise.

3.1 The rental rates include the maximum mileage (in Kms.) as indicated in the Contract and relevant to the rental period, beyond which the Customer will be required to pay a surcharge for every additional kilometer covered, as indicated by the Contract.

3.2 In the event of failure of the odometer, as well as in all other cases where it is not possible to accurately detect the mileage, the Customer will be charged for a daily conventional mileage [.................].

4.1 The rental rates do not include fuel. Unless otherwise indicated in the Contract, the vehicles are delivered with the fuel tank filled up, and must therefore be returned in the same condition. Any missing fuel at the time of the car return will be charged to the Customer for an amount equal to the cost of the missing fuel in addition to an additional amount for refueling service, which is conventionally agreed to be € 25.00.

4.2 The Customer undertakes to use the vehicle properly and perform maintenance tasks required by the vehicle manufacturer. The Customer is required to regularly check the levels of engine oil, coolant, brake fluid and, anyway, to conduct those checks any 1,000 kms. covered. The cost of garaging, washing and tire repairs are to be borne by the Customer. The routine maintenance of the car, oil and lubricants are included in the car rental rates.

4.3 In the event of any failure of the vehicle, the Customer is obligated to immediately contact VS Auto Noleggio, which will indicate the nearest car shop authorized for repairs. Any minor repairs due to normal wear will be reimbursed only against the presentation of regular and paid invoices (duly indicating the date, name and address of the service supplier, the vehicle registration number and the car mileage), addressed to VS Auto Noleggio S.r.l., and only if performed after prior written approval of the same, and upon presentation of any replaced part.

5.2 The vehicle must be returned within the time stated in the Contract, in case of delay of more than 120 minutes will be charged to the Customer an amount equal to one or more additional days of rental (depending on the actual delay in returning) according to the daily rate applicable.

5.3 The rented vehicle must be returned during opening hours, at the same office of VS Auto Noleggio S.r.l. that delivered the car, or in another location, if agreed in advance and in writing with VS Auto Noleggio, and against the payment of an amount for the collection of the car, which will be determined by VS Auto Noleggio according to the returning point of the car.

5.4 The Customer, by signing this Contract, acknowledges and confirms that the vehicle is delivered in good working condition and free of apparent defects, and commit him / her to return it back to VS Auto Noleggio within the date specified in the Contract, and in the same conditions in which the car has been delivered. 

5.5 VS Auto Noleggio S.r.l. reserves itself the right to terminate this Agreement and request the immediate return of the vehicle when that one is used in violation of the conditions of use, as set forth in these Terms and Conditions.

5.6 Concurrently with the delivery of the car, the Customer must request the signature of an officer of VS Auto Noleggio upon the Car Rental Check-in form referred to in the Contract, ensuring that it is given the actual state of the vehicle and the fuel level. In the absence of such signature, will remain valid and tacitly accepted the information's documented therein.

5.7 Jointly with the vehicle, the Customer must return the car keys, the vehicle documents, the mark of the insurance policy and any other document present in the car at the time of delivery, as well as any accessory and object with which the vehicle is equipped and present in it at the time of delivery, as resulting from a specific list attached to the Agreement, which will be the full proof between the parties ("Accessory"). Failure to return (even if lost) the keys and / or documents and / or any other object in the car, will be subject to a penalty amount, charged to the Customer, of € 5.000,00 plus VAT, regardless of the value of the franchise, and subject to greater damage.

5.8 In the event of car theft, the Customer will be required to return the keys to the Owner within the time scheduled for the return of the car and, in any case, within 24 hours of the discovery of theft. Failure to return the keys will make the Customer, and / or the person or entity jointly liable, personally and fully responsible for the theft of the rented car, even if this occurred after the rental period, with the obligation to indemnify VS Auto Noleggio with the entire amount of the car, according to the maximum price list value, as for Quattroruote  magazine, as well as a fine for damages and the car downtime, predetermined to be € 25,000.00, regardless of the value of the franchise, and subject to greater damage, if applicable.

6.1 The Customer and the driver are jointly liable in face of the alleged violations of the Traffic Code, and shall mandatory  pay any fines or penalties that were imposed by the Police Authorities (either through immediate objection either by means of subsequent notification) for the infractions committed during the period of the rental. In case of payment failure of the foregoing fines, the Customer expressly authorizes VS Auto Noleggio S.r.l. to proceed directly to the payment of the fines or penalties, compensating them on the account of the Customer, that may occur by charging the due amount on the credit card/s stated in the Contract, as well as all the due legal or administrative expenses, necessary for handling the fines settlement. These expenses are previously determined in a minimum amount equal to 20% of the amount imposed by the Authorities and, in any case, not less than EUR 30.00, except any major expenses.

6.2 The Customer undertakes to notify to VS Auto Noleggio, within 48 hours, any statement drawn by the Public Authorities. In the absence of this notification, he/she will be responsible for any damage suffered by VS Auto Noleggio, even indirectly, because of missing the report notification.

6.3 Upon request of the Authorities, VS Auto Noleggio S.r.l. is expressly authorized by the Customer to provide the name of the Customer him/herself and of the other authorized drivers.

7.1 In addition to the amount due as rental rate, and without prejudice of the provisions stated in these Terms, the Customer will pay or reimburse to VS Auto Noleggio the following amounts:

a) any charges for the refueling, as specified in paragraph 4.1.;

b) any fines, penalties, unpaid tolls and the reimbursement of the expenses due for the management of these sanctions, agreed to be € 30, 00 for each single sanction managed, in addition to the legal fees for any eventual judgment arising from the use of the vehicle during the rental period.

c) any charges for airport or rail services, road traffic and taxes.

d) the additional fee in case the vehicle will be returned to VS Auto Noleggio at a location other than the delivery, calculated in accordance to the herein art. 5.3.

e) all the penalties estimated for in these General Conditions and the Contract.

f) any amount - even profit losses, including the car downtime - that remain uncovered and not reimbursed by the insurance company, and related to accidents caused by the Customer and / or other driver, as well as the amount due to VS Auto Noleggio in case of theft, fire, harms or other damages to the rented car.

g) any other amount, although not mentioned herein, due by laws or in force of the Contract.

The Customer expressly and irrevocably authorizes VS Auto Noleggio to charge on the credit card/s indicated in the Contract, all the amounts above listed, even if they became liquid and / or payable after the return of the vehicle, and for this purpose, he/she specifically subscribes this clause.

8.1 VS Auto Noleggio will not be liable in face of the Customer and / or third parties for any damages, of any sort, to persons and / or properties, including damages for non-delivery of the car, failures, malfunction, accident, theft or any other damages arising from natural disasters and / or force majeure.

9.1 The Customer shall keep and use the vehicle with due diligence and, by way of example, even if not exhaustive, shall not allow the use of the vehicle in the following cases and / or as follows:

a) in sublet;

b) for transport of persons and / or objects for commercial purposes, against any compensation or in all cases prohibited by law;

c) to push, pull or tow any vehicle, caravans, trailers or any other thing;

d) for racing, trials or races, on or off tracks;

e) on rough terrain;

f) In a way that may render invalid, ineffective or not applicable the insurance policies;

g) by the Customer and / or the driver when under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics or barbiturates, or any other substance which may affect the consciousness, the alertness and the cleverness;

h) in violation of any Customs and / or road traffic rules;

i) allowing someone else than the Customer to drive the rented vehicle, unless such driver has been specifically indicated in the space properly provided for in the Contract, and duly authorized by VS Auto Noleggio;

j) Abroad the Italian territory, without the prior written permission of VS Auto Noleggio S.r.l.. It is not required a written permission for the following countries: Republic of San Marino, Vatican City, Switzerland, Monaco and the European Union countries, as well as the Countries in which the insurance green card has the validity extended.

10.1 In the event of a road accident, the Customer agrees to immediately inform VS Auto Noleggio (at the latest, in case of impossibility, within 1 hour, however and in writing, not later than 6 hours), and to send a detailed report of the accident (such as the friendly statement - CID) to be compiled at the time of the accident, in which are reported the witnesses and the data's of the vehicles involved, leaving the necessary assessments on behalf of the competent authorities that will provide the accident report.

10.2 The Customer also agrees to cooperate with VS Auto Noleggio and / or the insurance companies involved in any investigation or legal proceeding.

11.1 The person that subscribes this Contract and these General Conditions, in the name and on behalf of other individuals and / or legal entities (companies, organizations, etc..), will be jointly liable with his/her  embodied of the obligations assumed in face of VS Auto Noleggio S.r.l..

12.1 The Customer declares to exempt VS Auto Noleggio, up to the extent permitted by law, for any claims related to the road circulation of the vehicle and any harms or damage suffered by the Customer or any third party, for acts and / or omissions occurred during the rental period, unless the fact should be solely attributable to VS Auto Noleggio.

13.1 The Customer takes custody of the vehicle throughout the rental period and agrees, therefore, to always park it in designated and attended parking areas or, failing that, in safe and protected places.

14.1 Without prejudice of the car manufacturer liability for any manufacturing defect, VS Auto Noleggio will always use reasonable care for the rental services. In no case, however, VS Auto Noleggio can be held liable for damages resulting from car failures during the rental period.

15.1 The Customer expressly authorizes, without any reserve, VS Auto Noleggio, or other person entrusted by it, to check the proper use and operation of the vehicle, by satellite or similar systems, and check, during the rental period, any displacement of the car outside the allowed area, as herein indicated by the Art. 9. 

16.1 This Contract and its General Conditions are subject to Italian law.

16.2 Any dispute concerning the interpretation and / or execution and / or cancellation and / or effectiveness of this Contract and its General Conditions, the Court of Milan shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

17.1 Every word, sentence, period of the General Conditions is severable. In the case of illegality and / or disability and / or ineffectiveness of a provision, clause, article and / or provision as stated by these General Conditions, those ones could be separated, becoming unusable and without effects, without prejudice of the other provisions that shall remain in full force and effect.

This Contract has to be intended as formed:

by the Rental Contract (drafted in the front page);

by the General Conditions;

by the Car Check List form (at the delivery and at the return);

by the Accessory List;

by the Credit Card Voucher.

By signing these General Conditions, the Customer, pursuant to art. 23 of LD no. 196/2003, expresses the full and unconditional consent to the processing of his/her data’s for the uses related to the activities of the Owner (consultation, use for processing and statistics) and for commercial and promotional purposes by VS Auto Noleggio, which is the provider for processing these data’s. The Customer acknowledges that may, at any time, access his / her own data’s, and request their modification or cancellation.

The General Conditions text compiled in Italian language shall prevail, in case of disagreements or differences of interpretation, upon the text written in other languages, because the parties mutually agree that the first one expresses the exact willing of these General Conditions.

Pursuant to the  Art. 1341 and followings of the Italian Civil Code and, where applicable, of the Consumer Code, I declare to hereby accept unconditionally the terms as settled by the Articles: 2 (Insurance coverage and deductible) 4. (Fuel, maintenance, repairs) 5. (Delivery and return of the car, rental duration and termination) 6 (Motoring Offences and Fines) 7. (Debit Authorization) 8. (Disclaimer) 9. (Conditions for the use of the rented vehicle) 11. (Joint obligations) 12. (Indemnity for Claims) 13. (Duty of care) 15. (Authorizations) 16. (Governing Law and Jurisdiction), 20 (Italian Language Preponderance), confirming that they have been specifically negotiated by myself, after a deep and thorough analysis about their content and effects.